Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dick Vermeil Must Be Smiling

Dick Vermeil must have been somewhere smiling watching the Eagles and Cowboys battle it out in Big D last night. Offensive firepower was in full display as each team traded homerun strikes down the field. Some good individual defensive plays were made on both sides. The Eagles recovered a Romo fumble in the endzone for a touchdown and the Cowboys stopped the Eagles final drive to seal the game. But individual defensive plays were sprinkles on the cupcake of offensive goodness. The defensive coordinators will be in full fury during film review after the exciting 41-37 shootout but bad tackling wasn't really the problem. It was great execution by two powerful offensive teams.

If the old adage that offense wins games but defense wins championships is true then both teams will need to step up their defensive efforts as the season wears on. However you must have the offense to win games to even worry about reaching a championship.

I don't get the sense either team will be hitting the panic button on their defensive efforts just yet. The fans in Dallas certainly got their money's worth and fantasy teams with Cowboys and Eagles players are rejoicing Tuesday morning.

I hope Herm Edwards and Chan Gailey were watching this game because if they ever want to elevate the Chiefs and excite the fanbase a healthy dose of play-action and opening up the vertical offense would go a long way. Perhaps they should sip some of Vermeil's wine and give him a quick phone call.

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Bishwa said...

Herm and Chan should be watching the Chiefs on TV in their skidmark tighty whities.