Friday, September 26, 2008

Royals Displaying Gamesmanship With WhiteSox

I find it a bit suspect that Royals ace Zack Greinke won't be making his final scheduled start on the last game of the season against the Twins. The reason out of the Royals front office is they want to save his arm wear and tear. While Zack has indeed thrown over 200 innings this season I find it strange they didn't make this decision two or even three starts prior to this. Is one start and six to seven innings really going to be the difference in an arm injury?

Unless Greinke is complaining of arm or shoulder troubles and I can't find any reports that he is I have to assume there is more to this. There is no love loss between the WhiteSox and KC. There have been bench clearing brawls in the past few seasons and words exchanged. Chicago is where our first base coach was attacked by a fan and his son out of the stands a few years back.

My personal opinion is that by starting journeyman AAAA pitcher Brandon Duckworth we are indicating to the small market Twins that it is their playoff berth to lose. The White Sox I'm sure won't forget this move by the Royals front office and I for one like some brush back pitches and drama in my baseball season. In a 162 game grind the game needs some excitement and the Royals pulling Greinke should make games against the White Sox in 2009 a bit more interesting.


Bishwa said...

Do you ever talk about anything but Missery sports?

Bishwa said...

What about this Kila Ka'aihue? He was a god in AA and AAA, is he the 1b of the future for KC?

Ryan Shuck said...

Some Scouts are calling Ka'haihue "A dream that will never happen." However its hard to overlook his numbers put up in AA. I honestly don't have a feel for him yet as Dayton is trying to showcase Shealy to either see what he has or as trade bait because he is out of options.