Monday, October 6, 2008

Falcon, Dolphins, Chiefs a Rebuilding Comparison

The Falcons have 3 wins in five games one year after they lost their "franchise" QB in Vick and their coach quit before the season ended causing a turnover in coaching philosophies. To top it off they are starting a rookie QB. The Falcons are rebuilding with 23 rookies, 1st or 2nd year players. They have 9 1st, 2nd or 3rd year players starting. So in a year after Atlanta won four games they have already won 3. They have a rookie Qb, rookie LT, rookie MLB, two young corners, two young guards, and a young right tackle. I see some similarities on this team to ours but the major difference that I see is creativity and perhaps their draft picks are panning out? Or is the difference Matt Ryan? Remember this is a team that pounded KC in Atlanta three weeks ago.

The Dolphins in back-to-back games have beaten the AFC Champs and the AFC Runners up. They too have 23 rookie, first or second year players. They are starting 8 of them. They have a veteran noodle-armed QB with no mobility in Pennington (a slightly younger Huard). They have some once great running backs coming off injury (Brown) or hiatus (Williams). They have Ted Ginn Jr. and Camarillo as their wideouts (even worse than KC in my opinion) and no Future Hall of Fame tight end. They are starting a rookie left tackle, kicker, and punter. Most of their defense is young minus Porter and Holliday (a bust in KC). The Dolphins are 2-2 and arguably have two more impressive wins than the one KC had versus a suspect Denver defense.

The Chiefs on the other hand are 1-4 and have 26 first, second or third year players. They are starting fifteen of them which is nearly twice as much as the other two rebuilding teams. However, Herm has had some time to draft his guys around here. A lot of these guys may pan out but some of them are starting to look mediocre. Derrick Johnson is starting to finally show up on game film in his third season but Tamba Hali to me looks terrible. He stands straight up and gets driven into his linebackers on running plays and offers no moves at all to get to the QB on passing downs. Dorsey is not exactly clogging the middle if the number of rushing yards per carry and per game are any indication. He's a rookie but I'm pretty sure Warren Sapp was better than this at this stage in his career. For anyone who thinks it's not fair to compare him to Warren Sapp, I call BS. If you are drafted as a top 5 player out of a National Championship NCAA team you need to play like an All-Pro out of the gate. I mean it's Defensive Tackle, it's not quarterback. Line up learn a few stunts and beat the guy across from you. Tyler and McBride are also not exactly impressive. Some of these guys need to start playing. Rookies yeah i'll cut them some slack but the other guys need to start flashing some potential or they will be labeled busts sooner rather than later.

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