Monday, October 6, 2008

New "Arrowhead Anger" Workout Works Wonders

So a couple weeks back I started to feel sloppy sitting on my couch watching football instead of actually being athletic so I started to formulate a workout that would also double as a drinking game.

Every time the Chiefs punt or give up points you do ten pushups; if it is a three and out you could do ten more. Every turnover is twenty-five situps or crunches. I warn you this workout is harder than it sounds. When I quit watching the Panthers game at 31-0 I had already exceeded 120 pushups and something like seventy five crunches.

I figure by year-end my stress levels will be lower and I'll be pretty buff.

**Warning: you could also turn this into a drinking game but I am afraid the center for alcohol poisoning might get a few phone calls and I dont want to be held responsible***

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