Monday, October 13, 2008

Tony Gonzalez Picked a Fine Time to Leave

My first reaction to the news Tony Gonzalez wants out of Kansas City is "good for him". I wouldn't want to be stuck on that nowhere franchise at age 32 either. He has every individual award he could want as a tight end including all of the records. Tony Gonzalez literally has nothing to play for now except a ring. The Chiefs by all accounts won't be looking at a Super Bowl any time soon and by the time this young team "might" be ready (that's a big might) he will be past his prime and in a back-up role.

So in a way he did pick a fine time to get out of Kansas City. The other part of me however wants to question his internal fortitude just a little bit. Brian Waters said he wants to be on a winning team as well but he said he'd rather build it from the ground up. Tony Gonzalez wants to "ride the coat-tails" to quote Waters. Just when the days are darkest our most beloved player wants to bail. What does that teach the young players on this team? When the going gets tough, quit or request a trade?

I must think for Tony Gonzalez to want out and to publicly state such the situation around One Arrowhead Drive must be awful. Is Tony not buying into Coach Edwards' philosophies? Did he ever? Are the young guys also going to mentally check out on Edwards seeing that respected Hall of Fame players are doing so? I think the precedent Tony Gonzalez is setting for this club and its fragile mental state is a bad one. I respect Tony Gonzalez and I know "why" he is wanting out but why now? Herm seems on the edge of losing this team and with it his job could follow suit. He has already lost a lot of the loyal fan base.

Losing Croyle's security blanket in Gonzalez might seal the deal on Herm Edwards' tenure in Kansas City. Fair or not this team is developing too slowly for anyone's tastes. The offense is still unimaginative and no amount of Gunther cussing down on the sidelines is going to fix what ails this team.

Rumor on Fox Sports Sunday said that Larry Johnson kept coming up when people would call about Tony Gonzalez. If they are shopping Larry Johnson that is a good thing. He is not a guy you rebuild with. I like Larry Johnson and always have but I dont know if his attitude equates well to a young team trying to build some chemistry. Larry's running style also is not condusive to a team with a struggling offensive line. He's a downhill runner that needs a step or two to get those long legs churning. Against Denver he was able to do that and his talent once again showed but with Larry in the game we look very one-dimensional given his penchant to not block well and his mediocre pass-catching skills. If Charles were the full-time back we might actually get more production out of him given he presents a threat in all phases of the game. If not and we keep Larry Johnson fine. I dont think anyone will pick up his contract but they need to find a way to get LJ and Charles in the backfield together. Give defenses something to worry about besides their sack totals at the end of the game.


Chuck said...

He's not leaving!

Ryan Shuck said...

What does he say to the team now? "Uh sorry I tried to ditch you guys but Buffalo was going to be worse."

I'm glad Tony will still be catching passes in Kansas City. Perhaps Clark Hunt called to tell him Carl and Herm will be gone soon to hang in there?