Monday, October 20, 2008

Put the Chiefs Out of Their Misery

Someone put this team out if its misery. Are there enough adjectives to describe just how poor this team is? In summary, a portly, short-yardage back burst off-tackle untouched for an 80 yard touchdown. That's right Lendale White the guy who has been getting grief from Titans fans for his out of shape body and slow feet burst untouched for an 80 yard touchdown. He averaged 8.8 yards per carry on the day. The Titans' "feature" back Chris Johnson in an attempt to run down the clock followed up that 80 yard plodding touchdown with a 66 yard effort. In all the Chiefs allowed 323 yards rushing. They allowed two backs to top 100 and each back averaged 9 yards a carry. Those are video game stats.

The Chiefs were ran over physically, emotionally and spiritually by the Titans. The spirit of the franchise was pounded into the turf at Arrowhead Sunday. Herm cannot fix this. At this point no matter what Edwards and Cunningham say players won't take it to heart. They will be hollow words and the players will have those glazed over eyes a son or daughter gets when their parent starts lecturing them. They need a new voice. They need new leadership from the top. Carl Peterson should do the honorable thing and fall on his own sword. Carl should step down from this mess he has created. I want to believe Clark Hunt is just saying the right things waiting for the off-season to make wholesale changes.

I want to believe that but part of me also believes that he's going to let Carl Peterson select his own successor. That is a horrible decision. I could understand that decision if the Chiefs were New England and winning Super Bowls and Carl Peterson was a beloved GM. But he is an embattled GM that has no support in the fan base and has proven through almost twenty years that he cannot build a Super Bowl team.

Herm has proven that he cannot win with his guys. I understand rebuilding teams are going to struggle. But struggle means losing some close games while showing flashes of talent and then sprinkling in a win or two with a blowout thrown in. What we are seeing is regression from week one to week seven. The rushing defense is arguably the worst in franchise history and Herm has spent a lot of draft picks on that side of the ball. The offense is arguably the worst in franchise history and we have no quarterback on the roster better than a career back-up.

Ingle "Freakin" Martin should start. I dont care if he's not ready. I dont care if he has to have Brian Waters tell him what the play is. He is a professional football player (allegedly) and has had several weeks to learn this offense. I mean there cant be more than twenty plays called in this gameplan anyway. This offense was supposed to be "easy" to learn so young guys could quickly pick it up. Thigpen should be the number two and Martin the one. At this point find out what you have in him.

What we should have is 28 year old Chris Simms on the roster but I won't go over that massive roster error again. No, I wont look back I'll look forward and what we need to know going forward is if Ingle Martin has any talent.

We know Thigpen and Huard do not.

We need new leadership starting at the head of this beast all the way down the chain. I love Gunther, always have but even Gunther needs to find new employment. Results are results and great coordinators would at least keep this team respectable. As it is we cant stop the run, we cant rush the passer and offensively we are a nightmare.

In all this doom and gloom it's hard to see there will be better days ahead but there will. Hang in there Chiefs fans, if this season is teaching us anything it is to appreciate when the ship is finally righted and has a new captain leading us to glory.

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Redparrot53 said...

Great writing and unfortunately TOO much truth in it!